About Us

Hi, Pal! 

Welcome and thanks for checking us out.

We're two pals living in Maine.  We spent a long time searching for ways to pull together all of our creative hobbies, spend productive time with friends and ways to do something helpful.

We'll probably always be searching for ways to do these things, but this adventure feels like a great start.

We hope you'll come on our journey with us as we build our business, build our brand and get involved.  We're partnering with friends on events, getting involved with talented individuals of all types, learning a whole lot, putting back canned beers in our basement workshop, improving daily and having a great time so far.

We'll be bringing on as many friends as we can from all corners of our social reaches to bring this creative collective to life.

So let's Make Stuff!  Let's Have Fun!  Let's Be Good!


Your Pals,

Melissa & Jess